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“The Origins, Beliefs, and Symbols of Christian Gnosticism”

The study of Gnosticism can be illuminated by considering the philosophical environment of the world at the advent of the Christian era. This lecture examines the mixing of western and eastern cultures that led to the birth of Gnosticism in the first centuries of Christianity. In this context, the symbolic imagery and language of Gnostic thought are examined to reveal the main tenets of Gnostic theology, cosmology, anthropology, eschatology, and morality.

This lecture is presented by Bishop John Mongiovi, Primate of North America for the Gnostic Catholic Apostolic Church.


http://gnosticnyc.com/docs/20170409ChristianGnosticism.pdf (177 KB, 1 page)

Admission is free.
We invite donations to help pay for the room, but donating is purely voluntary. Suggested donation is $10.

2:00pm EDT Sunday 09 April 2017 at
The New York Theosophical Society
Quest Books meeting rooms
3rd floor (wheelchair lift accessible)
240 E 53rd St between 2nd & 3rd Ave, New York NY 10022
Note: The wheelchair lift has recently been out of order. If this is a concern, call the number above to check its status.

(Earlier, at 12pm noon at the same location, Bishop Mongiovi will celebrate the Gnostic Holy Eucharist.)

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